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Our 5 step change process is designed to guide you through the EZ Nav journey from understanding your current processes and challenges to implementing the new process and embedding it within your culture.

Step one

Understanding current practice

Completing the EZ Nav baseline will enable you to identify the current appropriateness of appointment booking in your practice. Understanding the appointments that could be dealt with in a way that does not require a GP face-to-face appointment is vital to redesigning and implementing the signposting pathway.

Step two

Co-Design new model of working

After understanding your current process, we will work with local practices and the commissioner to adapt our EZ Nav protocols to your local services and needs.

Step three


To ensure that EZ Nav is successful and sustainable, we have developed a robust training programme that will be delivered through a blend of practical workshops, practice visits and e-learning. At the end of the e-learning modules, all staff will complete a competency assessment.

Step four


Successfully embedding a new way of working relies on a good implementation strategy. The new signposting model will change the manner in which individuals will work, including renewing processes and policies. Our implementation plan guides you through all the steps that will allow the change to be introduced and sustained over time.

Step five


In order to ascertain the effectiveness and safety of the new signposting model, you need to complete a regular weekly audit. After the first two months from implementation, the frequency of audits can be determined and agreed locally.

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